Top 5 Unique NYC Event Venues

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Trying to get in that empire state of mind? We’ve got a couple unique NYC event venues that are sure to make attendees smile and forget about their most recent experience on the Subway.

Let’s see who made the cut!

1.) The Liberty Warehouse

If you can peek through Brooklyn’s slew of artisanal beard conditioners and rustic bowling alleys, The Liberty Warehouse will undoubtedly be the go-to spot for your next NYC event. Speaking on the space itself, Jeffrey Torem (Director of Catering) notes, “The Liberty Warehouse is NYC’s most unique event space, located directly on New York Harbor with the Statue of Liberty prominently displayed with her facing forward. We feature the finest of foods, beverages, and service in the business today, catering to the individual rather than the masses. With its amazing views and incredible cuisine, there is not another facility to match the combination and individualization we offer.”

Fun fact: Beyonce & Jay-Z have been spotted dining here!

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2.) Tavern on the Green


No shocker here, this iconic NYC venue should be a sure-thing to make any and all event lists such as this. The sit-down nucleus of Central Park offers a rivaled flexibility and scenery amidst its neighboring urban jungle. Beautiful both inside and out, it’s probable that a number of your favorite, cheesy love songs were written right on the tavern’s remarkable outdoor patio.

3.) The Beekman


On the other side of the big apple, The Beekman awaits to wow your attendees (and probably yourself as well). If its sleek and sophisticated interior doesn’t grab your attention the culinary prowess that this space offers surely will.

The Beekman awaits to wow your attendees (and probably yourself as well).
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4.) Chelsea Piers


Throw away the driving moccasins and slip into that fresh pair of golf shoes. Chelsea Piers is here to shake-up your next event in the best way possible. Whether your guests are interested in a modern cocktail hour or a quick game to 21 on the beach volleyball court, the facilities at Chelsea Piers are an event-planners dream.

5.) Convene


With a number of unique spaces spanning across Manhattan, Convene is the multi-stop shop for an inviting alternative to the average event. Direct from their website, “Over 65% of Fortune 100 companies partner with Convene for all types of meetings and events – large and small.” Care to join the club?


Don’t get caught in the muck of the average Manhattan meeting. Utilize our list above to offer yourself and attendees alike a chance to get creative with your next event!


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