[PODCAST] Turn of Events: What Emerging Media in Hospitality Deserve Our Attention?

Social Tables

All hail event geeks of the world.

While constantly pushing the boundaries of what a successful event can look like, they are the voice that the everyday planner is in desperate need of hearing. Our guest on today’s podcast, Brandt Krueger, is no exception.

As the resident host of the “Gather Geeks” podcast, Brandt dives into his days of working on the AV side of things and how he was able to make his transition into the events industry. With a major career goal, “to make corporate meeting and events suck a little less, every day” Brandt is changing the way planners and properties share ideas before, during, and after an event takes place.

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When speaking directly to event planners looking to make the jump into emerging media within hospitality, Brandt urged, “Don’t jump into new technologies because you feel like you have to”. There should be a strategy and a plan behind each effort to maximize your event’s audience exposure.

To hear more insight from Brandt’s episode, click here!

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