Don’t Pamper Me: The Suite Life of Smarter Hotel Concessions

smarter hotel concessions

Free rides around town, a luxury suite, a VIP spa treatment: sounds like a nice little package when you’re trying to close a deal, right? Not exactly. These old school tactics might help push one deal over the edge, but amenities like these won’t move the needle long term. The last thing you want is an event planning staff to make a decision based on complimentary amenities at the expense of the event itself. It’s time to start thinking of smarter hotel concessions. 

Dinners? VIP treatment? Concessions like these don’t work on millennial planners.

When it comes to event tech, properties have the advantage of scale. A small investment in software for smarter hotel concessions often means they can share the benefits with each and every client or prospect. That way every planner you work with can take advantage of enterprise sales tools, at virtually no expense to them (and make sure that the gals and guys over at procurement know it).

Sales reps are pretty good at demonstrating the value of an event space, it’s what they do best. The only problem is that they rely too heavily on their brand or the property’s history to do so. Millennial planners don’t care about that stuff — dinners and spas won’t work on them. Remember modern meeting planners are working long hours for their clients. If they’re not putting out fires and coordinating the event at your property, they’re scheduling site visits, or booking speakers for an event ten months down the line.

How can you help planners save time and put on great events at your property? The right technology can save event planning teams hours each week. Believe us, in the weeks leading up to your event those extra hours are worth far more than a spa treatment.  

Join the movement for a better event. Try Social Tables today.

“We were searching for a tool that was aligned with the way our modern clients work.  Connectivity, web-access, immediate response – the pace at which our clients operate today meant that we needed to invest in a product that could keep up with their timelines.”

– Angeline Holder, CMP, Director of Catering and Events, Conrad Miami

Too Many Cooks

Anytime you have a group of event managers at the property, working with a team of event coordinators, that are also working with invested stakeholders, you’re faced with a major communication challenge. As more people get involved in the planning process, keeping everyone on the same page is exponentially more difficult. Room-set layout and design arguably requires the most back-and- forth. Every change and update means passing a document through another round of approvals. How did we even do this before email?

Today, interactive diagrams make for smarter hotel concessions and make it possible for everyone involved to make changes and collaborate online in real-time, on a single interactive canvas. You can work with clients to drag and drop layouts or individual pieces of furniture onto an interactive floor plan that’s designed at scale. Collaborating isn’t easy, so anything that helps cut down on friction is a major difference maker for planners. It’s a true value add, not just a tangential perk.

Additionally, offering the same technology to each of your clients sets standard for communication across your team. Once planners have designed an event inside of software like Social Tables it creates a “lock- in” effect that drives more repeat business.

Event tech concessions create a “lock-in” effect that drives more repeat business.

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