UNICEF Uses Digitized Check-In to Jumpstart Fundraising Events

digitized check-in

UNICEF USA is a United Nations-led non-profit that provides assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. Gabrielle SanFelice is on the special events fundraising team where she and her team are responsible for planning about 12 events a year. For UNICEF events can mean a number of different things, such as black tie galas, large-scale conferences, or public relations events with anywhere from 200 to 900 guests in attendance. Events for UNICEF USA are mission-critical, with the main focuses of spreading awareness of their organization and raising funding for their life-saving programs.

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With the organization’s future predicated on so many high-touch events, there’s no room for error when it comes to successfully delivering a flawless experience, starting from the moment the guest enters. Using a paper check-in list became a growing pain point for SanFelice and her team. But since digitized check-in served as the first interactive opportunity with guests, expectations were high to make the experience a seamless one. Picture this: You have hundreds of guests arriving at the same time, asking where to go, what to do. All the while your venue is in your ear, with concerns about room capacity. Now imagine all that, with the added challenge of multiple check-in points, and a pen & paper check-in system.

SanFelice knew there had to be a better way: by using digitized check-in process. Social Tables allowed her and her team to do away with paper check-in for good. They’re now able to do quick searches for guests and check them in with one simple swipe. This makes it possible to give every guest a personalized welcome leading up to the event. One of the most loved features is the fact that Social Tables Check-In is cloud-based, so guests lists are up to date across all check-in devices, and locations.

“Gone are the days of flipping through multiple paper copies of the check-in list to cross check who has been checked or not. This has been life changing!” says SanFelice. “At any given time, we can tell you exactly how many people have checked-in, which we couldn’t do with a paper system.”

Ease of check-in wasn’t the only benefit SanFelice and her team enjoyed by upgrading to a digital check-in. They were able to increase the ROI of their events by creating a unified pre- and post-event strategy.

“Everyone wants to do more with less and to stay ahead of the digitized check-in curve. Since incorporating Social Tables to our check-in process, we are able to provide our guests with a seamless experience, be a part of the event technology movement, and afford our team the ability to work more efficiently, pre- and post- event,” says SanFelice.

Exhale, there is a life beyond paper check-in at events.
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One of their most recent triumphs was at their recent UNICEF Golf Classic where they saw an increased attendance among brand new supporters. A majority of these potential donors were guests of hosting golf foursomes, which meant SanFelice and her team didn’t have access to their contact information prior to the event. But with Social Tables, their event staff were able to capture these supporters’ information quickly and export their information for post-event follow-up. Thanks to Social Tables and the ability to quickly capture contact information, UNICEF has already secured sponsors for next year’s event.

Incorporating event technology isn’t just optional, it’s a necessity for non-profits like UNICEF to executing flawless events that raise funds that are so important to the organization’s overall mission.

“You don’t want to get left behind. Event technology allows us to work smarter not harder.”

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