6 Life-Changing Event Marketing Tools for Event Planners

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Event marketing and promotion are critical to brand expansion, product promotion, and event awareness. No matter how far out you are from your next meeting, this list is where you can start developing a stronger event promotion strategy.  Here are just six event marketing technologies that will make you rethink your event promotion processes.

1. Lanyrd

Event marking is about reaching the right people. Lanyrd is true social conference directory that can help your event get discovered. The database makes it easy to add events, discover new and exciting conferences and track your friends to see what events they are attending. It’s a great tool to discover similar events to yours around the world, and take a look at the types of attendees they attract, so your marketing can be more targeted. Check out Lanyrd as an early step in your promotional campaign. It just might help you reach the right audience.

2. Bizzabo

Think of Bizzabo as your all-in-one event marketing hub. Bizzabo offers a simple editor to quickly publish a landing page for your events, helps you manage registration and ticket sales, and connects all the stakeholders on the backend. Bizzabo is great if you’re looking for one tool that’s going to take care of the majority of your event marketing needs. Be sure to check out our recent webinar with Bizzabo, where their experts dished some key event marketing insights.

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3. DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch takes all hard work and programming out of event apps. In this day in age, event apps are an absolute must. Most attendees expect to stay informed about the event, both at the event and leading up to it, with an event app. With DoubleDutch, you can quickly spool up an event app for your own, with an interface that’s simple and familiar to many attendees.

4. Brandscopic

When it comes to event marketing, data is your diplomat. Of all the event marketing technologies, Brandscopic might be the best when it comes to capturing event recaps and media from your staff. Brandscopic makes it easy to measure attendee demographics and learn about your audience. Analytics tools like this can help you to set goals. After all, if you don’t have a goal you can’t score.

5. Spingo

Spingo combines research by event specialists with user-submitted content to produce a robust and comprehensive event search engine. Spingo gives you the resources to take the most important info about your event and publish it to your site. Then, it uses the same info to build out a robust event database, which helps with discoverability and exposure.

6. Event Farm

The team at Event Farm fully understands the value of in-person meetings. That’s why their event marketing software is all about helping planners deliver more memorable event experiences. Which (as they say) starts as soon as the first invitation is sent out. Check out Event Farm if you’re looking for ways to manage attendees and make experiences more quantifiable.

Consider the list above when putting together a promotional plan for your next great event. Whether it’s an area that falls under your expertise, or even if you’re just getting started, there’s always room to learn. Happy promoting!

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